A Wicked Encounter

Dating & Dragons #2

Categories: Contemporary
Keywords: M/F, Geeks, Roleplaying

What happens at TowerCon stays at TowerCon.

Luke West is just my flavor of blond, delicious, lawful evil bad boy. Or at least, that’s the character he plays. I’ve got no idea what he’s like in real life, but that doesn’t matter—we’re both at a local gaming convention and in the mood for a one-night stand.

Or at least, that’s what I thought was going on.

Unfortunately, when I wake up the next morning, I’ve got a bad hangover and a fuzzy recollection of crying all over our wicked, evil cleric.

I’m mortified—and worse, unsatisfied. But at least I’m positive I’ll never see the guy again outside of the convention circuit.

I figure the embarrassed feeling is mutual—but Luke’s got other plans. He tracks me down and proposes a date, gamer-style: he’s headed to a dark, edgy live-action roleplaying game for a whole weekend, and I’m invited. Specifically, he says, for the purposes of being seduced.

I’m starting to suspect that Luke West isn’t actually a wicked, awful man. But maybe I like him when he’s being naughty and when he’s being nice.

I’ve got all of this weekend to decide.

This sweet, geeky romance has a whole heap full of spice and a happy ending. It’s novella-length, for a quick afternoon read.

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