Date My Professor

By Ivy Collins

Categories: Contemporary

What are your professor’s best attributes?

Professor Elijah Oliver is hot, snarky, and British. Half the girls in this class are only here because they love hearing him insult them. But he really is a genius, so I guess I’ll give him that.

Do you feel your professor cares about your success in class?

He’s constantly nitpicking at me in particular, so I’d say so.

What do you feel your professor could do better?

I don’t think that’s fit to print on a survey.

Is there anything you would like to tell your professor? (All answers are confidential and anonymized.)

You drive me so crazy, I could pin you to a wall and kiss you senseless—

Wait. I think I need a new survey.

Date My Professor is a standalone contemporary romance with a guaranteed happy ending. This hot, geeky novella contains naughty students, controlling British professors, and nerdy programming jokes. The story is novella-length, for a quick afternoon read.

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